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  • Throop Rock Bit Company
  • Throop Rock Bit Company
  • Throop Rock Bit Company
  • Throop Rock Bit Company
  • Throop Rock Bit Company

Welcome to Throop Rock Bit Company

Throop Rock Bit Company has a long and proud history in the drilling tools market. In 1947, Throop began servicing local oilfield and related markets with machining, tooling, and related components. In 1961, Throop manufactured its first roller cone rock bit. We quickly became the world’s largest manufacturer of the smallest diameter roller cone bits, with sizes as small as 1 7/8” in diameter. Although we have steadily increased our size range, one thing has never changed: Throop remains steadfastly committed to its goal of offering quality products, unparalleled service, and reasonable prices.

TCI Bits

Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) Bits. Throop offers a wide variety of types of chisel, conical and spherical shaped tungsten carbide inserts, each uniquely designed for drilling in specific types of rock formations.

Steel Tooth Bits

Each bit design represents a unique effort to provide the right selection of insert size, spacing, shape, hardness, protrusion, and material selection for use in different types of rock formations.

Fixed Cutter Bits

The Twister features special designed modified chisel type inserts recommended for milling Cement, Composite and Cast Iron Plugs Additionally flat TCI Gage Inserts are featured for increase wear resistance

What's New @ Throop

March 2014 NewsOur latest addition - Okuma LB45IIIWe are again adding to our machinery lineup to expand the services we offer our customers. The latest addition is an Okuma LB45III. This coupled with the purchase of 4 other new lathes late last year adds over a million dollar commitment by our company to offer our customers the latest in technology and service.

October 2013 NewsThroop Rock Bit Company is happy to announce the establishment of a new Sales Office in the Houston area

October 2011 News We have recently added 4500 square feet to our warehouse and a Okuma 500 HB 5 axis to our machining center lineup. We're also pleased to annouce a new Reverse Circulation TCI Bit.

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President's Message

"Throop Rock Bit Company has been serving the drilling industry for over 50 years. Throop's goal is always to serve its customers with unmatched service and unmistakable quality."

Steve Warren