Each of our products is inspected several times throughout the manufacturing process. These inspections are performed by highly qualified inspectors that are independent of the day-to-day manufacturing process. This independent inspection process provides another layer of control, which ensures delivery of the highest quality product to our customers.

    Throop Rock Bit is committed to meeting our customers' expectations and requirements through quality, service, reliability and continual improvement of all processes. As our customers' needs and world demands change, we adapt through constant monitoring of international standards and communicating with our customers to determine their needs.


    Quality Certifications:


    1. ISO 9001: 2015

    2. ISO/TS 29001:2010


    Our certifications have been in place since March of 2005. Throop Rock Bit ensures future quality success through a thorough internal audit process as well as annual registration audits which are performed by third party international registrars.

  • All our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in the  United States of America.




    Certificates Of Registration:

    ISO 9001

    ISO/TS 29001