• Steel Tooth Bits

    Throop’s products currently range in sizes from 1-7/8” through 9-1/2” in milled tooth type bits. Our line of products includes both open bearing bits and sealed bearing bits. Most models are available in designs for either regular circulation or jet circulation with replaceable nozzles. All TRB open bearing models are also available for use with either air or fluid circulation.

  • Circulation Styles

    Central - Full Whole

    RC - Reverse

    JAC - Jet Air

    RFC - Fluid

    RAC - Air

    JFC - Jet Fluid


    Drawings and data sheets available for all bits upon request

    TR3 (IADC 1-2-1)


    The TR3 is the fastest drilling bit produced by Throop Rock Bit. Maximum penetration rates in formations that range from moderately soft to medium soft.


    Formations: Shale, clay, red bed, medium limestone and unconsolidated formations

    Features: Long “A” teeth, widely spaced and fully hard faced from crest to root, no gage deletions on gage side of the teeth on the heel row of the number two cone

    Suggested operating weights: 1,000 - 3,000 PSI

    Speeds: 50 to 200 RPM

     TR2 (IADC 2-1-1)


    The TR2 offers the combination actions of chipping/crushing, and gouging/scraping because of reduced cutter offset. This design will most economically drill medium and medium hard formations and was designed to replace the softer formation bits in strata where shale alternates with streaks of limestone and sandstone or where gypsum tends to ball up between the teeth. Rotary speed should be decreased as weight is increased.


    Formations: Shale, sandstone, and alluvial deposits

    Features: Medium "A" teeth, closed spaced, Long crests in the outer row teeth have self-sharpening hard facing

    Suggested operating weights: 1,000 - 5,000 PSI

    Speeds: 50 to 150 RPM

     TR1 (IADC 3-1-1)


    The TR61 is designed for medium formations with harder streaks. Short to medium extension chisel inserts throughout and moderate cone offsets, provide for very high penetration rates while maintaining excellent durability in the varied formations.


    Formations: Limestones, sands, dolomites, and medium to hard shales

    Features: Hard facing shirttail, TCI insert protection on gage, moderate cone offsets, short to medium extension chisel inserts

    Suggested operating weights: 1,000 - 3,000 PSI

    Speeds: 40 - 180 RPM

     TR1H (IADC 3-2-1)


    The TR1H is the bit for hard, abrasive formations requiring maximum resistance to gage wear.

    Formations: Siliceous limestone, dolomite, sandstone, and granite

    Features: Inner row teeth are short and closely spaced, Hard facing shirttail, gage surfaces of the cones have webs joining adjacent heel teeth

    Suggested operating weights: 3,000 - 8,000 PSI

    Speeds: 100 - 400 RPM








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