Sealed Journal Bearing Steel Tooth Tricone Bit
Sealed Journal Bearing Steel Tooth Tricone Bit
Throop Rock Bit Sealed Journal Bearing Tricones are designed for truly important projects and can withstand vast amounts of wear and tear. The floating bushing acts as a self lubricant helping to reduce friction, and dissipate heat under heavy load conditions. This means our Journal Bearing Tricones can stand up to extremely prolonged and deep drilling sessions with minimal time spent on maintenance or tending to debris.

IADC 1-1-6 shown - All formations and circulations available. For more info and sizes contact our sales team:
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More Details
- Silver plated journal bearings
- Silver plated thrust and nose washers
- Pressure compensating grease reservoir
- Premium synthetic rock bit lubricant optimized for tolerances
- Specifically designed tungsten carbide insert package
- Back ream inserts included
- Compact spacing of inserts provide increased durability for the toughest formations
- Premium Hardfacing Tungsten Carbide provides a tough long lasting coating on Tooth Bits
Bit Types: Steel Tooth
Circulation: Full Hole or Jet Circulation
Cone retention: Ball Bearing
TCI IADC Codes: