Open Bearing TCI Tricone Bit
Open Bearing TCI Tricone Bit
Throop Rock Bit designed Open Bearing TCI tricones are precision, high-value bits that produces consistent, lowest-cost-per-foot-drilled results. We offer a wide variety of chisel, conical and spherical shaped tungsten carbide inserts, each uniquely designed for drilling in specific types of rock formations. Available in central, jet, and reverse circulation with models designed for use with air or fluid.

IADC 6-1-1 shown - All formations and circulations available. For more info contact our sales teams:
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More Details
- Premium precision roller bearings
- Quality synthetic rock bit lubricant optimized for conditions
- Precision thrust and nose bushings
- State-of-the-art hardfacing
- Up to five surface hardfacing on cones
- Finish machining after heat treating on cones and spindles Precision fit on all Bearing and internal surfaces
- Precision manufactured cutting structures using five axis mills
Bit Types: TCI
Circulation: Full Hole or Jet, Regular or Reverse, Fluid or Air
Cone retention: Ball Bearing
IADC Codes: 431-743