Sealed Roller Bearing TCI Tricone Bit
Sealed Roller Bearing TCI Tricone Bit
Throop Rock Bit Sealed Roller Bearing tricone bits are equipped with a lubrication and compensator system to control and stop grease from leaking into the bearing. This system makes it easier for the tricone bit to drill deeper into the formation without the need to be pulled up as frequently as open bearing tricone bits. Our Sealed Roller Bearing tricones are an obvious choice for deeper drilling projects where the cost in time to stop and clear debris is unacceptable.

IADC 6-2-7 shown - All formations and circulations available. For more info contact our sales teams:
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More Details
- Premium precision roller bearings
- Specifically formulated nitrile flat or o-ring seals
- Premium synthetic rock bit lubricant optimized for tolerances
- Precision thrust and nose bushings
- Precision manufactured cutting structures using five axis mills
- State-of-the-art hardfacing
- Precisely engineered premium TCI package for TCI bits
- Finish machining after heat treating on cones and spindles  
- Precision fit on all Bearing and internal surfaces
Bit Types: TCI
Circulation: Full Hole or Jet, Regular or Reverse, Fluid or Air
Cone retention: Ball Bearing
IADC Codes: