• trusted since 1947

    Throop Rock Bit proudly celebrates over seventy years manufacturing American rock bits for our valued customers around the world.

    Premium series

    Our premium series bits feature silver plated journal bearing, thrust and nose washers - A pressurized grease reservoir, Premium synthetic lubricant, designed specifically for our bits and features TCI Insert Protection in wear areas.

    TCI Bits

    Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) Bits. Throop offers a wide variety of types of chisel, conical and spherical shaped tungsten carbide inserts, each uniquely designed for drilling in specific types of rock formations.

    Steel Tooth Bits

    Each bit design represents a unique effort to provide the right selection of insert size, spacing, shape, hardness, protrusion, and material selection for use in different types of rock formations.

    The XG BADGER™

    The XG BADGER™ is a Fixed Cutter Bit specifically designed to be run in a reverse circulation, work-over application, drilling cement, cast iron bridge plugs and retaining rings. The Badger features three large circulation ports that provide the maximum amount of fluid flow when used in a Reverse Circulation application.

    The TWISTER™

    The TWISTER™ is a Fixed Cutter Bit that features specially designed modified chisel type inserts recommended for milling Cement, Composite and Cast Iron Plugs Additionally flat TCI Gage Inserts are featured for increase wear resistance.