• About Throop rock bit

    At Throop Rock Bit, we go further to make our bits better, our employees happier, and our customers impressed. Learn more about the work that makes us proud to be part of Throop Rock Bit.

  • our company

    At Throop Rock Bit, we go further to make our bits better, our employees happier, and our customers impressed. Learn more about the work that makes us proud to be part of Throop Rock Bit.

  • Key facts about Throop Rock Bit

    50 States served

    Domestic Sales

    42 Countries sold

    International Sales

    10% labor effort

    Investments in R&D

    2-3 Days

    Average production time

    Brian Harpster


    Tonkawa, OK, USA



    Founded year


    On-time delivery since 2006

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    Our company

    At Throop Rock Bit, we go further to make our bits better, our employees happier, and our customers impressed. Learn more about the work that makes us proud to be part of Throop Rock Bit.

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    Throop Rock Bit is headquartered in Towkawa, Oklahoma, USA.
    Visit the sections in this page to learn about the company's corporate profile, history, leadership and offerings.

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    Explore Throop Rock Bit's 70 year history

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    Our values and philosophy of excellence

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    Meet our executive leadership team

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    Learn about how our bits ship all over the world


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    -Throop Rock Bit was established in Tonkawa, Oklahoma to service the oilfield and related industries as Maassen Tool & Supply

    - First manufactured our own line of steel tooth rotary drill bits

    - First tungsten carbide insert bits manufactured

    - Becomes the World's leading producer of small diameter rotary cone rock bits



    - Production facilities expanded for the first time to allow for increased production and demand

    - Company is renamed Throop Rock Bit in 1974

    - Purchase our first CNC machine tool



    - Move to new production facilities better suited to growing needs

    - First sealed bearing bits manufactured

    - Production facilities ar expanded to supply growing demands for production of Throop Rock Bits

    - New office facilities are built for management personnel

    - Production facilities and warehouse space expansion to increase production capacity

    - Fixed Cutter series manufactured

    - Sealed Journal series manufactured

    - ISO certification



    - Hardfacing facilities are expanded

    - Completion series manufactured

    - MTCI bits manufactured

    - ISO 9001:2015 certification updated

    - ISO 29001:2012 certified updated

    - Production facilities expanded

    - Upgrade to the latest CNC machinery in the market

    - Celebrating 70 years of service!

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  • About Our Company

    We always strive for the best.

    Our Mission

    Throop Rock Bit has a mission to create the best bits and provide the highest quality service to our customers. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to build our bits, putting quality, value and service first.

    State-of-The Art Technology

    Our machinery and equipment includes state-of-the-art CNC machines tools. All bearing surfaces on our cones are finish turned after heat treatment. All of our bits are assembled, greased and inspected in a special clean room area.


    Throop rock bits are designed using both the latest AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor design and drafting software. Throop also utilizes a special rock bit design program developed specifically for the rock bit industry. This design system allows our engineers to more accurately design bits for optimum performance.


    It is with these materials, manufacturing and design capabilities, and pride in workmanship that we are able to produce one of the finest lines of rotary drilling bits available in the sizes and types that we produce.

    Tradition of Service

    Established in 1947, Throop Rock Bit Company has been designing and manufacturing rotary cone bits for more than half a century. The company began as a manufacturer of the smallest size rotary cone rock bits for water well and mining applications and has progressively increased the sizes and types available. Throop has since expanded its product line to serve all applications for rotary drilling bits – such as petroleum, mining, seismic exploration, water wells, quarrying, river crossings, foundation construction, and other industrial applications. Our staff is knowledgeable in the unique requirements specific to all these diverse applications.

    100% USA Materials, Production & Parts

    Throop Rock Bit is headquartered in Tonkawa, Oklahoma, USA. We design, manufacture, and assemble all of our products in the United States using state-of-the-art technology, materials, and equipment. The Throop Rock Bit Company plant is centrally heated and air conditioned for the comfort and efficiency of our shop work force. Throop’s skilled machinists, welders, assembly personnel and shipping staff are seasoned veterans in the rock bit industry who choose to live and work in a stable rural environment.

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    Throop Rock Bit has developed an executive leadership team by bringing together specialists at the top of their fields in the industry. This group leads Throop Rock Bit's growth and development.

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    Steve Warren


    Mr. Warren began to work with Throop Rock Bit in 1977. When Throop was acquired in 1991 he came to the new company as a welder and assembler, progressing into supervision and design. By 1993 he was in charge of marketing and sales and in 2008 was elected President and to the Board of Directors. Education: Business, Northern Oklahoma College and Northwestern Oklahoma State University

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    Brian Harpster


    Mr. Harpster has worked for Fortune 500 companies as an auditor evolving into negotiator and executive manager roles before becoming an independent investor/consultant. He acquired Asbury Machine Corp in 1990 and Throop Rock Bit in 1991, and serves on the Board of Directors. Education: University of Texas BBA, CPA , Texas Christian University MBA

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    Paul Brown

    Plant Manager & Purchasing

    Mr. Brown began working for Asbury Bearing Corporation in 1984 as a machinist. When Asbury Bearing was acquired in 1990 he started progressing into supervision, appointed plant manager in1991 with official responsibility of Purchasing Manager in 2006. Education: Machine Tool Technology, Pioneer Vocational Technology School

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    Mike Warren

    Production Manager

    Mr. Warren's previous experience includes working at Continental Data Graphics revising illustrated parts catalogs for Boeing 747 projects. He began working at Asbury Machine Corporation in 1998 assembling bits, then OJT as a machinist. By 2001 he was in charge of mill programing and lead man on night shift, progressing through supervisory roles to production manager. Education: Industrial Electronics, Pioneer Vocational Technology School

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    Ron Smith

    Mechanical Designer

    Mr. Smith amassed thirty years of experience with Smith International Bits before joining Throop Rock Bit in 2009 to formalize the design activity and enhance quality control. Education: Northern Oklahoma College, Applied Science – Design and Drafting

  • Jeff Love

    Machine Shop Supervisor

    Kyle Crowder

    Inventory Manager

    Jared Criner

    Quality Assurance Manager

    Brenda Choate


    Paul White

    Shipping Manager​

    Juan Pablo Rothie

    International Sales