• Oil & Gas

    With our extensive application and materials knowledge we can recommend the optimum solution, helping customers reduce risk and costs in oil and gas exploration and production.

    Choose from our wide range of bits, and specially designed premium bits for the oil and gas industry:

    - Steel Tooth and TCI bits are an excellent choice for work over and well service applications.

    - Premium sealed bearing and sealed journal bearing bits are perfect for completion and coiled tubing in both traditional, vertical and horizontal lateral applications.

    - Our fixed-cutter bits are easy to use and effective for completion, special custom and hard to drill applications

    Options include:

    - Full Hole or Jet Circulation on all Models.

    - Reverse Circulation with skirts, TCI Insert Protection on Shirttail and jet nozzle protection and our exclusive back ream inserts on our sealed Journal Bearing models.



    Our rock drilling bits are renowned for quality, reliability and productivity. Through extensive R&D, we produce mining bits engineered to provide the lowest possible cost per meter drilled and a low life-cycle cost. Furthermore, our vast experience in challenging and abrasive formations across the globe and around the clock provides fail-safe support for the toughest mining conditions.

    We manufacture mining and mineral exploration bits with the customer in mind and feature premium TCI inserts as well HDGP packages as standard.

    Options include:

    - Regular, Jet or Reverse Circulation, Regular or Jet Air Circulations.

    - Custom specific machining for RC applications and back flow valves is available.

  • Waterwells

    We provide a full line of open or sealed bearing bits for the water well industry featuring Regular or Jet Circulation options in either Fluid or Air Circulation.

    Throop Rock Bit attends the National Ground Water Association Expo annually as an exhibitor, where we showcase our latest products and bits and meet with customers to discuss their specific needs.

  • construction

    We have long been helping customers achieve improved drilling quality and higher productivity with bits that combine faster cutting speeds with long life.

    Our full line of open or sealed bearing bits for the construction industry:

    - Regular or jet circulation options in either fluid or air circulation, including special applications such as leave in hole bits.

    - Premium sealed journal bearing bits for utility and river crossing application.

    - Cone & Spindle assemblies for Hole Opener Construction applications.

    Throop Rock Bit has a full-service Machine Shop, Asbury Machine, in-house to provide our customers with custom or special machine applications.