The Eliminator features a concave cutting head specifically designed for centering the drilling surface and drilling the outside perimeter of the hole first. The bit hydraulics incorporate five fluid ports to flush cuttings.

Application: Workover, completion & junk milling

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  • Concave cutting head keeps bit centered
  • 5 fluid ports for quick material removal
  • Aggressive tungsten carbide inserts
  • Long fishing neck 
  • Ample shirttail/gage protection inserts
  • Back ream feature is available for unstable wellbores
  • Compact spacing of inserts provide increased durability
  • Bit breaker slots ensure safe and efficient drill bit installation and removal.


  • Fixed cutter
  • Workover, completion, & junk milling
  • Soft to hard formations
  • Suitable for wide range of milling applications
  • Regular fluid circulation
  • Available in sizes from 4-1/8" to 6-1/4"