MTCI Hybrid

MTCI Hybrid

The MTCI Hybrid brings together two proven cutting technologies to provide the perfect balance of toughness and aggressiveness. Specifically designed to handle in frac and bridge plugs, as well as the more challenging conditions found in drilling cast iron and ceramic slips. Tough enough to finish any completion job, the Hybrid offers superior ROP over conventional bits.

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  • Tungsten carbide inserts in gauge rows provide toughness to mill through cast iron and ceramic slips, while inner rows of steel teeth specifically target softer elements. Unique cutting structure design minimizes cutting size to prevent clogging of flowback manifolds and reduce drill out time.
  • Robust silver plated journal bearing bushings, washers, and bearings coupled with advanced journal design increases reliability and bearing life in high RPM or high WOB applications                                                                            
  • Generous application of hard-metal on all cone wear surfaces, including cone shell and complete tooth coverage keeps teeth sharper longer. This provides the consistently high ROP that gives you the winning edge in the most extreme applications.
  • Reinforced shirttail to maximize seal protection and provide stability in horizontal wells. Tungsten carbide inserts placed strategically in legs minimize wear.



  • Lower completions fracking drill out with plugs of conventional or unconventional type
  • Cast-iron bridge plug milling in reentries and interventions
  • Clean outs
  • For all mud motor and rotary applications.
  • Coiled tubing