R4 Series

R4 Series

Throop Rock Bit's R4 model is specifically designed for reverse circulation mineral exploration. It features an enlarged center hole to facilitate the removal of materials being drilled. A step design is included on the shoulder to fit existing drill systems and extra machining on the sides to allow material to pass through to the central hole without plugging or clogging. Featured in a wide variety of chisel, conical and dome inserts.

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  • Center hole with the maximum diameter for hole cleaning and rapid cuttings removal for faster ROP
  • Hard-faced shirttail protection with tungsten carbide inserts for extreme wear resistance
  • Tungsten carbide gauge protection provides 
  • Enhanced robust cutting structures for consistently high ROP
  • Advanced bearing design with enhanced thrust faces for maximum bearing life 
  • Premium synthetic rock bit lubricant
  • Precision thrust and nose bushings


  • Available in TCI and Milltooth
  • Sealed and open bearing options
  • Suitable for mineral exploration, water well drilling, HDD, pilot holes, and construction applications
  • Compatible with reverse and conventional drilling systems 
  • For soft to hard formations with transition zones 
  • Available in diameters from 3-7/8" to 6-3/4""