Sealed Friction Bearing Bits

Sealed Friction Bearing Bits

The family of Throop sealed friction bearing bits, includes both slimhole and standard TCI & Mill tooth tricone drill bits has gained significant field experience over the last decade, making our bits a trusted choice amongst industry professionals worldwide. Throop's generation two bearing package, featuring silver plated thrust washers and bushings, proprietary seal compounds, specially formulated bearing lubricant, and robust grease compensation system come standard on each product.
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  • Silver plated journal bearing bushings, washers, and bearings coupled with advanced journal design increases reliability and bearing life in high RPM or high WOB applications                                  
  • Generous application of hard-metal on Mill tooth cones, including cone shell and complete tooth coverage combined with a robust and aggressive cutting structure delivers higher ROP and efficiency
  • Compact spacing and formation specific inserts on all TCI bits create a durable efficient cutting structure to optimize ROP 
  • Reinforced shirttail to maximize seal protection and provide stability in horizontal wells. Tungsten carbide inserts placed strategically in legs minimize wear
  • Full hole or Tri-jet circulation



  • Available in TCI and Milltooth
  • Sealed bearing 
  • Wide range of applications, including drilling, completion, coiled tubing, and HDD
  • For all motor and rotary applications
  • For soft to hard formations with transition zones 
  • Available in diameters from 3-5/8" to 8-3/4""