Workover Bits

The family of sealed journal bearing tricone drill bits from Throop Rock Bit has gained significant field experience over the last decade, making our bits the most trusted choice amongst industry professionals worldwide. These bits are designed and manufactured for the toughest conditions utilizing field-proven technologies, quality materials and superior bearing design packages in order to provide reliable and consistent drilling performance.
More Details
● Medium to medium hard formations
● compressive strengths from 35,000 to 60,000 PSI
● Silver plated journal bearings
● Premium synthetic rock bit lubricant optimized for tolerances
and advanced to reduce friction
● Thrust and nose washers
● Pressurized grease reservoir
● All around tungsten carbide insert package
● Back ream inserts included
● Compact spacing of moderate conical inserts provide increased
durability for the toughest formations
Recommended operational parameters
● Weight on bit: 4,000 - 7,500 lbs / inch of bit diameter
● Rotary speed: 40 - 80 RPM
IADC Code: 6-2-7
Bearing Type: Silver plated floating bushing and thrust
bushing and Silver plated spindle cap
Cone Retention: Ball Bearing
Cutting structure:
          Cone gage: 72 inserts
          Gage row: 36 conical shaped inserts
          Inner rows: 71 conical shaped inserts
          Total count: 239 (including protection)
Journal angle: 36°
Cutter skew: 1°
Hydraulic design: Full hole Regular or Jet Circulation
Pin connection: 4.5 API Reg. pin
Make up torque: 12,000 to 16,000 ft.-lbs. (1600-2200 m-kg
Approx weight 90 lbs. (40.9 kg)