Workover Bits

Workover Bits

Throop's open bearing steel tooth bits for re-entry, remedial, and water well applications. All bits are available in full center hole and can do either regular or reverse circulation which is frequently used to re-enter wells. TR2, TR1, and TR1H are offered from softest to hardest of the cutting structure applications.

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  • Advanced bearing design with finish machining on all internal bearing surfaces
  • Synthetic rock bit lubricant optimized for rock drilling
  • Precision thrust and nose bushings
  • Enhanced shirttail protection protects bearings for longer life
  • Tungsten carbide insert protection available on legs for highly abrasive environments
  •  Hardmetal application to all Millteeth for tough self sharpening cutters
  • Gauge protection standard on all TCI cones
  •  Robust cutting structures for higher ROP and longer life



  • Milltooth & TCI available
  • Sealed and open bearings available in all common sizes
  • Full hole circulation type available in all sizes, Tri-jet circulation available on all sizes over 3-1/2" 
  • For rotary drilling using fluid, mist, or air
  • Cost effective solution to a wide range of drilling Energy, Mineral Exploration, Water Well, Geothermal, Construction, and HDD applications
  • Available in from 1-7/8" to 9" diameters