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    We've brought together proven technologies to forge new groundbreaking results. Specially designed to meet the challenges of completion jobs, The MTCI Hybrid has been approved by major service companies for up to 80 plugs per hole.
    • Coiled Tubing
    • 50 to 80 plugs drilled

    Sealed Journal Bearing Bits

    Sealed Journal Bearing​

    Sealed Journal Bearing

    The MTCI Hybrid

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    SEALED Journal bearing BITs



    The family of sealed journal bearing tricone drill bits from Throop Rock Bit has gained significant field experience over the last decade, making our bits a trusted choice amongst industry professionals worldwide. These bits are designed and manufactured for the toughest conditions utilizing field-proven technologies, quality materials and superior bearing design packages in order to provide reliable and consistent drilling performance.



    • Silver plated journal bearing and thrust washer for increased durability.
    • Pressurized grease reservoir, designed to maintain constant pressure inside the bearing assembly, keeps the bearings cool and lubricated throughout the drilling process as well as keep out debris and foreign material.
    • Tungsten carbide hard facing and inserts on the leg and shirttail offer increased wear protection in the most abrasive formations.  
    • A wide variety of carbide jet nozzle sizes and a number of other features available upon request.


    • Conventional drilling applications
    • Rotary and motor applications
    • Average drills 50 Plugs *
    For more info and features contact our sales team: sales@throoprockbit.com.


    Throop Rock Bit offers a variety of features to all of our high performance bits. Tungsten carbide hardfacing and inserts on the shirttail come standard on all our sealed journal bits for increased wear protection in the most abrasive formations. A wide variety of carbide jet nozzle sizes and a other features that can be included upon request:


    • Gauge enhancement package
    • Breakage-resistant heels
    • Wear/stabilization pad
    • Raised shirttail and arm protection
    • Motor hardfacing
    • Tungsten Shirttail compacts
    • Air application
    • Center Jet
    • Lug pads
    • Non-standard gauge row
    • Five sided cone hardfacing