Throop Rock Bit designed to deliver exceptional drilling performance in the soft to medium formations typically found in mineral exploration, and to provide the lowest cost per foot of drilled hole. Our complete line of RC bits are precision machined to work with most existing R/C systems and are available with both sealed and open bearings.



    • All reverse circulation bits feature:
      Cutting structures designed to provide fast penetration rates and durability. A center full hole with the maximum diameter possible for superior hole cleaning and cuttings retrieval.

      Sealed bearing products feature:
      Fully pressure compensated, non-serviceable lubrication to journal bearing. Self lubricating silver coated precision friction bushings and thrust washers. High performance synthetic lubricant developed specifically for rock bits ensures superior lubrication under the most demanding applications. Proprietary seals developed for high heat and abrasive environments, coupled with high contact seal glands provides maximum protection of bearings, extending bearing life.

    • Open bearing products feature:
      Precision roller bearings with special thrust elements to prevent axial wear. Pilot pin with hardmetal inlays against a tool steel bushing prevents excess heat and galling, extending bearing life.